Goalkeeper Position

Hello, I'm looking for a team in div1/div2 that has a vacancy in the Goalkeeper position. Hope you can help me or maybe guide to how I ...

Posted at 2:02PM on September 17, 2019
New Player

Hey everyone I left england playing semi professional level, I play attacking midfield, striker, winger scoring and creating goals.  ...

Posted at 2:00PM on September 17, 2019
Looking for a Div 2/3 team to join

Hi   Hoping you could help me with my search below.   I'm looking for a team to join any team in Div 2/3 for the next ...

Posted at 1:58PM on September 17, 2019
Update Noticeboard: email league

If you want to advertise to play for any team or looking for players or even want a freindly game advertised on the website please ...

Posted at 10:54AM on June 21, 2019
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Sat, 10/4/2021

  • HK Zi Jing2 - 0The Shooters
  • Straydogs3 - 0Dragon Valley FC
  • BOCs0 - 5Dong Feng Express
  • Bants Raptors1 - 2Barbarians FC
  • Legal Head1 - 3Wanchai Wolves
  • Mes0 - 1HK Krauts
  • HK Vikings0 - 2Old Speckled Men
  • Wanchai Spartans2 - 3Irish Harps
  • Corinthians3 - 1J Leaguers
  • Soho Spartans2 - 8Discovery Bay FC

Fri, 9/4/2021

  • HKFC7 - 1USRC 1911
  • San Pellegrinos1 - 1HK Scottish Eagles
  • Club Tropicana FC0 - 5USRC Gunners
  • HK Scottish Stags6 - 0Revolution