TWF was formed as a social team in 1999 with founders being a group of alumni of a secondary school in Tsuen Wan. As time went by, friends of the founders and others were brought into the team, and that's what the last letter "F" for. Over the years, there were lots of in and outs in the squad. Currently TWF has nearly 40 players including founder players, post 90s young players, veteran players, some ex Men United players, etc. We keep enhancing our player base and will invite more players with potential to join TWF at the right time.

TWF aims at providing a platform for players at different ages to enjoy football together with opponents from different background, culture and region and to make friendship on the pitch. The core value of the team is to play with fairness and a fighting spirit and to enjoy the post-match food and drinks together regardless of results.

This year we have got a sponsorship from a Tutor Centre, A Bar Education Centre, which is famous and with high reputation.

  • Manager:Jacob Ku (
  • Assistant Manager:Coach: Tabarn Yan (, Jonathan (
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:Sky blue/white (Home), Black (Away)
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Percy Lam Shun Hin 99
2 Vincent Liu Kwok Tung 2
3 Michael Chang Chi Ho 5
4 Jamie Hitchmough 6
5 RB Lam Shing Wai 7
6 Jacob Ku Chun Yu 8
7 Stephen Wong Chi Cheung 9
8 Raymond Ng Wai Man 10
9 Ernest Mak Ka Chun (C) 13
10 Asch Nga Yue Fung 14
11 Jonathan Tsui Man Chung 18
12 Keith Chan Chin Wang 19
13 Vincent Ng Wai Ho 20
14 Chan Lok Fung 21
15 Chris Gallagher 11
16 Eric Tang Tsz Yeung 23
17 Lee Ka Wai 94
18 Henderson Lee Tsz Hin 25
19 Vincent Chan Wai Pun 26
20 Taka Tsang Siu Hong 27
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Billy Yan Chun Sum 36
22 Fung Chun Yip 30
23 Terry Wong Wai Hung 31
24 Kennex Tsai Yiu Tong 33
25 Peter Sabine 35
26 Mac Lee 37
27 Lui Pok Hung 45
28 Chau Lim Yan 92
29 Aries Cheng Hong Chun 1
30 Wong Siu Lam 39
31 Chan Hok Kai 48
32 Lee Fai Ming 71
33 Lee Chun Wing
34 Gareth Webber
35 Yeung Kai Pan
36 Or Kui Ting
37 Tom Underwood
38 Lau Ting Hin
39 Au Yeung Hoi Ho, Tim
40 Wong Hung, Frankie

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.