Hong Kong Krauts

Hong Kong Krauts

Founded in summer 2006, the HK Krauts is the only German speaking football club in HK. Our aim is to have fun and to play in a friendly atmosphere football. We’re open for people of any age, never mind if it is just for training or for games. Since our start we played in the FFL and been 2 times Champions and 2 times runner-up. 3 times we had the best goal scorer of the league in our team.
Our team is as well playing regular in international tournaments like in Shanghai, Manila or Phuket.
We’re looking forward to the new challenge in the Legal League and hoping for a successful season.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Bjoern Hasse - Bjoernhasse@gmx.de
  • Assistant Manager:Johann Claussen - johann.claussen92@gmail.com
  • Website:http://www.hk-krauts.de/
  • Team Colours:H: White - A: Red

Transfers16 Remaining

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