USRC 1911

USRC 1911

The USRC Football Section was founded in 1995 over a few drinks and football talk in the Club’s bar – a tradition that has long continued! Since that initial idea took shape nearly 20 years ago, USRC now boasts over 100 players and three competitive teams: one playing in the Yau Yee League (who are 2013-14 Division One Champions) plus two in the Legal League, along with a nascent ‘social’ Vets team run in combination with Legal League friends, Goodfellas.

Since joining the Legal League in 2008 USRC has never looked back, eventually forming two teams – Power and Experience – the latter becoming Division Two champions in 2013-14 via its own brand of ‘high tempo’ football with the emphasis on attacking.

USRC 911 aim is, as much as possible, to maintain its competitiveness in the League whilst never losing sight of the original motivation of the first ever USRC team formed all those years ago: to offer an opportunity to club members and friends who are both willing and able to be as involved in football as much as possible.

USRC looks forward to welcoming everyone to Friday night football at King’s Park and extends this welcome to all teams after every game to come down to the Club’s Gunners Bar which is just around the corner. Here all players can enjoy some beer, food and in-depth, post-match, (...ahem...), “analysis” in true pub footballer style.

  • Manager:Rick Leone ( / Laurence Rudge (
  • Assistant Manager:
  • Team Colours:Red shirts with white shorts (home), Green shirts and black shorts (away)
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Rick Leone
2 Martin Brown
3 Christopher Jay
4 Colin Young
5 Cameron Smart
6 John Slater
7 Laurence Rudge
8 Eoin Kelly
9 Alesandro Tomella
10 Greg Turner
11 Jason Boon
12 Ian Wishart
13 Gary Monaghan
14 Samson Tabiti
15 Michael Daniel
16 Dave Buckley
17 Ciarian Fay
18 Alan Urmston
19 Michael Dewey
20 Andrew MacFarlane
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Carlos Ortega
22 Ian Armour
23 Robert Walpole
24 Brenden Wakerford
25 Anthony Vasey
26 Tom Grainger
27 John Bona
28 Toby McCarthy
29 Richard Phillips
30 Eder Jose de Lima Ferreira
31 Luke Schroder
32 Andrew Thompson
33 Williams Nambeke

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.