Goodfellas FC

Goodfellas FC

Goodfellas FC is a multinational team with players from many different countries with a varying age demographic. The team, founded in 2002, has played in various social leagues over the years and made its Legal League debut in 2008.

Goodfellas FC won the Legal League 6s tournament in 2014 and the equivalent Legal League 7s tournament in 2016.

The team are also back to back winners of the Citibank HK 7s tournament for 2016 and 2017.

Goodfellas FC also play in the SS7 7 aside mid week league.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Stuart Pang -
  • Assistant Manager:Ashley Craig KERR -; Isaak PYRILLIS -
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:H: Blue - A: White

Transfers16 Remaining

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