Hong Kong Vikings

Hong Kong Vikings

Hong Kong Vikings is a team consisting of primarily Danish footballers (but not limited to), a team with over 20 years history in Hong Kong, and with sister teams in 7 cities in Asia.

As a team we are a part of the newly formed Athletic Football Club, which is apart from Vikings is a club consisting of Squadron and Hearts who plays Division 1 in Yau Yee League, and our veterans side AFC de Wanchai who are applying to join Yau Yee League from the coming season.

The rationale of forming the AFC is to become a club that provides both competitive and social football in Hong Kong as well as social activities within the club. We believe the mix of offering football spanning from top amateur to social level mixed with high priority on social events outside the pitch will provide a stronger foundation on the sports side, compared to being four separate teams.

  • Manager:Kasper Nielsen <coach.hkvikings@gmail.com>
  • Assistant Manager:
  • Website:https://www.facebook.com/pg/HongKongVikings/about/?ref=page_internal
  • Team Colours:Home: Red, Away: Light Green
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Kasper Nielsen
2 Christian Vogel
3 Jakob Jeppesen
4 Eric Yau
5 Jens Hansen
6 Joachim Byrch Madsen
7 Kim Rasmussen
8 Jesper Dalgaard
9 Thomas Riis
10 Henrik Drud
11 Ronald Leung
12 Kenneth Petersen
13 Stefan Bruun
14 Martin Dahl
15 Lars Nielsen
16 Jan Lasalle Skipper
17 Kristian Soe
18 Martin Norgaard
19 Matthew Seddon
20 Mike Tran
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Rune Hostrup
22 Poul Sondergaard
23 Dan Houmann
24 Jacob Ravn Eriksen
25 Hans Abildgaard
26 Bastian Schjødt
27 Kristian Nielsen
28 Mathias Therkildsen
29 Victor Skov
30 Nicas Kjeldsen
31 Jesper Jon Stougaard
32 Toivo Hybholt
33 Darren Gar Chun Tsang
34 Lars Gade Møller
35 Peter Griffin
36 WONG Samson Wai Hoong
37 Emil Aaby
38 Christian Andersen
39 Anders Hagelund Vangsgaard
40 Søren Kargo Tjørnkvist

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.