A.S. Dragon FC

A.S. Dragon FC

The club was formed in 2015 and has played in two local leagues since then; Liga 8 and Happy League.
Liga 8 consists of local sides and sides that like ours consist of players of many nationalities.

Happy League is more of a local league that contains almost exclusively local Hong Kong players.
This season we have had a schedule of 55 games that are spread between weekends and week-nights and have always been able to field at least 14-15 players, even where games are held in New Territories at 21:30, such is the depth and dedication of our squad.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Paul Martin - pj.martin86@gmail.com
  • Assistant Manager:Ed Skingle - e.skingle@hotmail.co.uk
  • Website:http://dragonvalley.wixsite.com/dvfc
  • Team Colours:H: Purple - A: White

Transfers16 Remaining

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