BOC's came about through a bunch of friends deciding to form a team to play competitive football in HK. The BOCs first joined the league in 1997 and are now one of the longest-serving teams in the league. The team that has been built upon a close network of friends has not really changed in all these years, in fact many of the players that played in the first league game are still playing in the team today. The team is no longer able to rely on pace which made them a very hard team to beat in earlier years but on occasions, subject to players turning up, can still put out a good performance. BOC have yet to win the league title but have appeared in the cup final twice, losing in one final on penalties in their inaugural season.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Chi Sam Man -
  • Assistant Manager:Looking for a suitable candidate!
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:H: Orange - A: N/A

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