DBFC Vets (Legends League - Over 35's)

DBFC Vets (Legends League - Over 35's)

Discovery Bay has unofficially been in existence since 1991, when during the 90’s, an 11 a-side vet’s team played regular games throughout Hong Kong.

However, known more for its 7’s football due to the lack of a full-size pitch in DB, in 2008, a DB based 7-a-side vets touring team was formed to play in the Manila International Soccer 7s tournament which was held in February 2009, and the team subsequently won the tournament. Separate to this, in 2009 another 7’s tour team was formed from the 7’s game in DB to tour Thailand, and has continued to tour since, winning several Masters titles.

Due to the success in Manila, a Discovery Bay Vet’s team was invited to take part in the prestigious Hong Kong International Soccer 7s tournament. This brought about a change in name to Discovery Bay Football Club (“DBFC”), and since then, DBFC has been involved in nearly every tournament.

Also, over the years, many of the players involved in Discovery Bay football 7’s and 11’s friendly football also played together in the Hong Kong Legal League for ‘Studz United’ that was formed by Mike Weir and Andy Blank, also former Discovery Bay residents.

Studz was rebranded as DBFC for the 2013/14 season and since then have been crowned Division 1 champions in 2014/15, completing the double in 2016/17 and again winning the league in the 2018/2019 season. The Vets team won the Legends league in the 2017 / 2018 season.

Besides DBFC Vets in the Legends League (over 35s), DBFC have a Legal League Division 1 team and also DBFC +45s team to compete in the new Legal League Over 45s Division. The +45s team also supplement their season fixtures by playing a number of friendlies against established older teams. DBFC continue to regularly organise tours to Phuket, Bangkok and Shanghai.

Sponsored by Tanner De Witt, for the 2nd year running, DBFC looks forward to challenging for the title in all the three leagues we have teams participating in.

Squad list:

  • Manager:Gary Rollinson – rollinson@netvigator.com
  • Assistant Manager:Paul Crompton
  • Website:www.discoverybayfc.com
  • Team Colours:Home: White Away: Lilac
No. Player Shirt No.
1 David Morson 40
2 Thierry Jacquemin 15
3 Scott Holmes 11
4 Paul Crompton 10
5 David Bradley 1
6 William Umeh otega
7 Stephen Rudall 26
8 Pedro Kunz
9 Neil Macdonald
10 Robert Benjamin Ridley
11 Ndem Ambassa Stephane
12 Samuel James Riley
13 Travis Kenneth Griffin
14 Brendan Thomas Shanahan
15 Dan Moss
16 Newley Purnell
17 Chris Pickles
18 Cian McNamara
19 Patric Dougan
20 Chan Hong Nin
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Brendon Devitt 19
22 Kieran McKnight 74
23 Law Yuk Kwai
24 Chu Wai San
25 Lam Chun Ping
26 Pierre Oliver Bakalag
27 Steven Resco
28 Wong Man Kit
29 Tang Pui Yam
30 Simon Tan
31 Tita Celistanus Chou
32 Dom Polisano
33 Julius Pongla Akosah
34 Gary Hancock
35 Martin Rigby
36 Minga Edson
37 Ng Chi Ho
38 Jevon Marsh
39 Sean Connelly

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.