Hong Kong Scottish Eagles

Hong Kong Scottish Eagles

The HKS Eagles are the second Hong Kong Scottish Football Section team, following in the footsteps of their flagship and affiliate side, HKS Stags.

While the playing rosters are segregated entirely, the Stags and Eagles are otherwise closely affiliated, with combined mid-week training sessions and a single club committee comprising representatives of both sides. The current Eagles’ committee representatives are: Bob Chapman (Manager; Section Treasurer); Jamie Hill (Captain); John McMillan (Sponsorship Secretary); and Ali Shutt (Social Secretary), with further appointments expected imminently.

The Football Section also enjoys a close relationship with HKS’ other sporting sections (including rugby and netball), and the launch of the Eagles was a feature in the club’s most recent monthly news bulletin, which is distributed to all playing and social members. The various sections participate together in multiple social, charity and other events each year.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Robert Terence CHAPMAN - robchapuk@gmail.com
  • Assistant Manager:Sam WOLSTENHOLME - samwooly7@hotmail.com
  • Website:http://www.hongkongscottish.com/football.php
  • Team Colours:H: Navy Blue - A: White

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