Wanchai Spartans FC

Wanchai Spartans FC

Formed in 1992 the club is one of the founding teams of the Legal League. Spartans remain as always a social team with a long history of heavy drinking sessions after matches. Combined with regular tours around South-East Asia and the motto of having a good time is strongly entrench in the clubs psyche.

The Spartans however remain competitive on the park and over the years have won the league title a record 5 times since inception, taking over Haldane's 4 year winning stretch in the late 90's. With two Champions League titles as well they will continue to strive for more honors in the years to come.

Squad List:

  • Manager:Stephen Kelly - sk033023@hotmail.com
  • Assistant Manager:SOLOMON, Peter - peter.solomon@coface.com
  • Website:http://www.saturdayspartans.com
  • Team Colours:H: Red - A: White
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Adam Scott
2 Ali Thompson
3 Andy Lansbury
4 Anthony Goga
5 Benjamin Walters
6 Benoit Doche
7 Daniel Barrie
8 Daniel James Dibden
9 Alexandro Da Silva Santos
10 Chris Mendez
11 Christian Balka
12 Duncan Skinner
13 Geoff Howarth
14 Gideon Nanmwa Ayuba
15 James Rose
16 Jonathan David Wheatley
17 Jonathan Shannon
18 Jorge Claudio Conceicao Rodrigues
19 Jose Aquilar
20 Louis Feighan
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Nick Day
22 Oliver Baijings
23 Patrick Milburn
24 Peter Solomon
25 Sean McAteer
26 Simon Lui
27 Stephen Kelly
28 Stephen Lynch
29 Sui Yuk Liu
30 Fernando Siqueira Campos
31 Jonathan Paul Duckett
32 Matt Goss
33 Sylvestre Coulibaly
34 Filip Tomasik
35 Keir Frances Oakes
36 Jack Rodgers
37 Li Hong Lam
38 Jonathan Burkett

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.